Senator calls for capital bill to include state building repairs

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One Senator wants the capital bill to fund more than state roads.

Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) said the state should also focus on fixing damaged schools.

During a Wednesday press conference with labor groups, hospitals, community colleges, and school, Manar said the legislature is exploring a “menu of revenue options.” Later, in an interview with WCIA, he said the taxes  “most likely to be included” in a final capital bill revenue plan could include higher taxes on gaming, liquor, the real estate transfer tax, and a ride sharing surcharge. 

Now, Manar is calling on his colleagues to help get funding passed this session along with the capital bill. Manar says he plans to bring together both sides of the aisle to make sure schools and colleges are restored.

While the Bunker Hill senator believes the bill would not cover all the state’s needs for reconstruction, he said lawmakers need to prioritize making sure schools are kept in good condition.

“The need is so great, we should realistically understand we are not going to be all to fill all of the needs of the state. So what we should focus on are very simple things like deferred maintenance in state buildings,” said Manar.

Manar said coupling the bill to fix state buildings and schools with the plan to fix state roads should get bipartisan support among lawmakers.

Manar plans to start working on the legislation sometime next week and get it passed before the end of May.

A previous version of this story incorrectly summarized Senator Manar’s comments without the proper context. We regret the error. 


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