Semi-truck tanker leaks olive oil on road


FARMER CITY, Ill. (WCIA)—Drivers may have expected rain to slow them down, but they weren’t expecting a coat of olive oil to block their usual route. That’s what happened when a truck leaked in Central Illinois. State Police says the oil ran from Farmer City, eastbound on I-74, then northbound onto I-57.

The Farmer City Police Department was told by Cen Com Dispatch that State Route 54 through Farmer City was covered with a slippery oil like substance. The Champaign Fire Hazmat Team responded to one of the areas and identified the substance as olive oil.

Police say the largest concentration of the oil was in the Huck’s Gas Station parking lot located near the intersection of State Route 54 and 150. After seeing security video from Huck’s, it was determined the substance was leaked from a semi-truck tanker that had been traveling through the area. Illinois State Police says it was found to be in the right lane, starting in Farmer City, continuing eastbound on I-74, then northbound on I-57 into neighboring ISP District 21.

Illinois State Police and Illinois Department of Transportation were contacted. The Farmer City Police Department and City of Farmer City Public Works called out personnel to help with traffic control until I.D.O.T could respond to the scene. I.D.O.T.

State Route 54 and several businesses located near State Route 54 and US Highway 150 were closed for several hours.

Motorists are urged to use caution while traveling through Farmer City as I.D.O.T. is still applying sand to the roadway, and will continue to do so for the near future until the situation no longer presents a danger to motorists.

The incident remains under investigation by the Farmer City Police Department, Illinois State Police, and Illinois Department of Transportation.

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