Schools provide meals for students


School closures prompt teachers and staff to pack food for kids

MOWEAQUA, Ill. (WCIA)– On a day when the hallways are completely bare, teachers and staff are still showing students just how much they care. “We’ll do whatever we have to for the kids,” said Charles Brown, Central A&M High School and Gregory Intermediate School Principal. “I think that it just shows how our community comes together whenever there’s something like this going on, whenever people maybe cannot get out,” said Ivy Lynch, student.

Classrooms throughout the state are closed through at least March 30th to help control the spread of coronavirus. The Illinois State Board of Education says schools are strongly encouraged to provide meals to students. It’s not required. For Moweaqua school leaders though there was no other option. Parents like Stephanie Fellwock say those efforts don’t go unnoticed. “It’s hard to get the things that you need right now because people are you know buying everything up so for me to come here and know that she’s going to be able to eat is wonderful,” said Fellwock.

The libraries are feeding kids with knowledge. They can check out books and have them delivered to their cars during lunch. “There’s so much that kids can’t do right now. You can’t go out to movies. You can’t go out to dinners but reading, and being able to go somewhere through a book is… they can still do that,” said Mary Rund, Central A&M High School Librarian. Parents say they’re grateful for all the teachers and staff feeding food, wisdom, and hope.

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