School turns into shelter after flooding


GIBSON CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — “We’re just doing the best we can to make a bad situation a little more tolerable,” Jeremy Darnell, Superintendent of Gibson City Schools, said.

That’s exactly what he’s doing, by providing shelter at the Middle School. The middle school opened its doors to people who have lost their home, can’t return to their home, and many other scenarios.

One Champaign woman says she was driving through Route 47, and saw the flooded roads, so she decided to pull over. Now, she’s stuck at the shelter. Her car still submerged in water. The Red Cross brought 75-100 cots. The superintendent says he’s seen about 200 people in and out of the school all day.

“I hope everybody is safe. I hope everybody has a warm bed to sleep in. We got some folks here that don’t have anywhere to go so we’re going to find a solution for them,” Darnell said.

They also provided food and bottled water.

“We are under a boil order currently and the water treatment plant is flooded. Ameren has turned off the water due to safety concerns,” Michelle Celeschi, GIbson City Alderman, said.

We talked with another woman this afternoon, who had to wade through the water to get her son from daycare.

“It may seem like I’m doing alright but it’s a little overwhelming just trying to get through,” Sarah Wilson said.

Some people who had to be rescued by boat. They were staying at the hotel when water started pouring in. One man was helping an elderly lady escape the flooding.

“Everything’s flooded. It just kept rising and rising. Semis were going by and it was just like waves coming in you know crashing against the wall and the water just kept rising. All the rooms were flooded. There were chairs floating there were logs floating,” Derrick said.

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