School district increases pay for substitute teachers


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A school board met Monday night voting to make themselves more competitive with other schools.

A lot of school districts in central Illinois are in need of substitute teachers. One district just voted to raise the pay to hopefully bring in some subs. The Champaign School Board voted to raise pay for substitute teachers. They hope this will be an incentive to get people to work for them.

The pay for a regular substitute teacher will now raise from $110 to $140 dollars per day. Half days will change from $55 to $70 dollars per day. Experienced substitutes or retired Champaign teachers will receive a bit more than regular subs per day.

The district is also offering other benefits and incentives for their substitute teachers. This isn’t the first school to do this in the area. Urbana School District voted October 26th to change pay from $110 to $130 per day.

Champaign School District is requiring a bachelor’s degree for substitutes. They are also looking for teacher’s assistants. Other school districts say they are also actively looking for substitutes as well.

We called other school districts across Central Illinois. Rantoul City Schools pay $140 per day and $70 for a half day. Mahomet Seymour School District pays $150 per day. Fisher School District pays $90 per day and Decatur pays $150 per day.

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