School creates new merit system


MILFORD, Ill. (WCIA) — A high school principal has created a new merit system for students.

Milford High School’s system has three tiers, based on academic performance, attendance records and detentions/suspensions. The highest tier of students are given incentives such as closer parking spaces, priority in the lunch line and free admission to school events, not including homecoming and prom.

Sherry Conley, whose daughter Samantha is a senior, said Samantha has worked tirelessly toward her goal of one day becoming a trauma surgeon. Samantha earned the top-tier “blue card” for the school year.

“If you’ve worked hard and you’ve met all the criteria for what your card holds, there should be no opposing it because it’s the students who put the work in who are receiving the awards,” Conley said. “Not the parents, not the faculty, not the principal. It’s the student.”

Principal Steve Totheroh came up with the idea. This is the first year he’s putting it into action.

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