School board member resigns after making racist comments on social media


SHELBYVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A Shelbyville school board member has resigned after making racist comments on social media.

Thursday night, Keith Boehm’s resignation was announced publicly at the school board meeting.

Boehm made comments on a Facebook post that the school board said were unacceptable. The superintendent said they investigated and looked into Boehm’s online conduct regarding this and found it to be against the board’s standards of conduct.

The school board president said the nature of the comments were discriminatory and racist. Several comments on the post made reference to black people stating things like:

  • “Most crime is perpetrated by black people. Don’t act like animals and you won’t be treated like animals.”
  • “They do not deserve equal treatment.”
  • These are not any kind of human deserving respect.”
  • Black lives might matter if they quit acting like animals.”

Boehm was elected to be on the school board last year. His term would have lasted until 2023.

You can read Boehm’s full statement on the matter below.

Here is the truth: Tonight I resigned my position on the board for Shelbyville Community School District. I gave up my position not because of the haters who call me a racist, but because of the distraction the Board and the Administration could not afford to have right now. Their job is to ensure our children are safe and will be successful this coming school year. Here is my side of this story: We as a society have become accustomed to seeing violence perpetrated on innocent people. Until we speak out against it, in all its forms, it will continue. By not speaking out; our very silence, condones it. I for one, have had enough. I will continue to speak out. The social media video that I commented on depicted men and women physically assaulting innocent people. Random people walking down the street minding their own business were being beaten with brass knuckles and other objects. Children assaulting other children while adults watched. Would I have commented any differently if the color of their skin was different? No. Violence is violence. People, especially young people, see things on television and social media. They want to be part of part of a “movement”. Anybody who speaks against their opinions has to have a label put on them. A black man who supports the wrong political party is labeled an “Uncle Tom”, a white man would and is labeled a “Racist”. I blame the media for most of this behavior. They are complicit. Speaking the truth does not make for good ratings. Watch the evening news. It does nor matter which channel. It is their reporting that shows most crime reported is by black people. Does that make them racist? No, just facts. Everyone wants to chant “Black Lives Matter”. Yes they do as all lives matter. When you put a color before lives matter, you become a racist.. There is no other way around it. You have put one race above another. I served this country for 23 years as part of the United States Marine Corps. I have seen and been witness to many different things. What I’m seeing now in this country saddens me. People whether white, black, brown, or green use violence as a means to express their opinions. They have the right to their opinion. Free speech applies to everyone regardless of skin color. My opinion is also mine. I don’t resort to violence to get my point across. I speak the truth. If that offends you, too bad. I am not a racist. My friends and those that matter to me know that. What I am is a citizen who cares for all, always willing to help those in need.”

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