School board announces head football coach’s resignation


GEORGETOWN, Ill. (WCIA) — The Georgetown Ridge-farm School Board officially announced Josh Cavanaugh’s resignation from head high school football coach in a virtual meeting Saturday night.

The majority of the meeting was closed to the public, but they did open it up for comment. Former players and coaches say Cavanaugh has a history of racism and abuse.

During the meeting, there were people gathered near the football field both in support of of and against the former coach.

One former player shared his experience on Cavanaugh’s team.

“He used to make fun of me after failing math in front of everyone, stating that I wasn’t good at math,” explains Austin Riza. “[Another time,] we were watching film. I had fell asleep because I worked long hours with my dad. He slapped me in the back of the head to try and wake me up.”

Riza’s dad says they did not report it to the school board out of fear of further harassment and getting benched.

“Now, I have to worry about him being an administrator at the junior high because I have a boy at the junior high,” says dad David Griffin. “No. The resignation’s not enough. We need him out of the administration completely.”

Cavanaugh is also assistant principal at Mary Miller Junior High.

Some of his co-workers say the allegations surfacing on social media have yet to be proven true.

“It’s very easy for people in education to be accused of things. It ruins their reputation, their career, and it’s hard on family and friends as well,” says junior high teacher Mary Miller. “We’re professionals, and our administration are professionals. There’s legal processes to follow, and they’re going to investigate any claim that’s made because, first and foremost, we’re here for our students.”

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