School becomes more energy efficient


GEORGETOWN, Ill. (WCIA) — Summer is the unofficial time for construction at schools and Mary Miller Junior High in Georgetown is no exception.

In an effort to save money on their electric bill, Mary Miller replaced several walls that were made entirely of windows. Principal John Tosh says the school will see an almost immediate difference in their bill.

“It’s estimated that this project is going to pay for it’s self in two to three years in energy efficiency,” says Tosh. “So in the long run, it’s actually going to keep us money ahead.”

Mary Miller’s building was originally built in 1929 with an expansion in 1960. That’s when the original walls were installed. Tosh says the air conditioning would usually be running at all times in the classrooms with those windows.

“Our maintenance staff is wonderful,” says Tosh. “Mr. Mariage, our maintenance supervisor, did all the work in-house. So even that was a cost savings to the district because we didn’t have to hire it out. And he did an absolutely fabulous job.”

Students have not had too much time in the affected rooms, but the other people spending the most time in there are happy with the change.

“I can tell you that the teachers are very happy with the change, they really like it,” says Tosh. “They think it’s wonderful.”

School started at Georgetown-Ridge Farm schools Wednesday.

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