School auctions off items


PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Hundreds of items were auctioned off at PBL Eastlawn School on Saturday, July 13.

The school shut down after this academic year and is set to be torn down. Before that, the district is auctioning off everything inside, with items ranging from chairs and desks to kitchen supplies to those with nostalgic value, such as trophies.

Becky Prina attended the school as a freshman. She was a part of the last high school class to start there before the district opened a new high school.

“It’s amazing how much stuff has accumulated in the years,” Prina said. “I think they’ve done the best they can with what they have to work with. The teachers put a lot of time into decorating the halls themselves. It is what it is and they’re ready to move on.”

Prina went to the auction so she could find awards her parents earned when they were students at Eastlawn.

“It’s falling apart, but it’s pretty cool,” Prina explained, holding a high school band contest plaque from the 1940s. “This band went on to win national that year. My mom was a saxophone player and she won all four years in high school, so it’s a pretty important plaque for my mom’s collection.”

Prina said she would pay whatever was necessary to take home the plaque, but still took precautionary measures.

“I got a pretty good photo of it,” she said. “Just in case.”

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