SAVOY, Ill., (WCIA) — Thousands across the country are battling through flight delays and cancelations, including Sara Seed in Savoy. She’s separated from her luggage and her vacation plans are on the back burner.

The FAA Notice to Air Mission System was down for a couple of hours Wednesday morning, impacting departures everywhere, including Willard Airport in Savoy.

Wednesday evening, the FAA tweeted that their preliminary work traced the outage to a damaged database file. There’s no evidence of a cyber attack.

For many on Wednesday, their travel days were anything but smooth.

“I got here at 5:30 to leave for a 7 a.m. flight,” Seed said. “We all got checked in, we all boarded the plane, and then the pilot came out and said ‘well, we’re now going to deboard.”

Seed’s plans to get from Central Illinois to Florida hit a roadblock. The pilot told her they’d be delayed at least two hours. Those two hours turned into an all-day scramble for her. She rebooked her flight for the next day.

She’s only one of the thousands impacted across the nation. FlightAware reported more than 9,000 flight delays and 1,338 cancelations throughout the United States on Wednesday.

It’s because of the FAA computer outage and ground stop on Wednesday morning.

“This system is used by pilots, airports, the FAA, to advise aeronautical users of non-standard issues at airports, navigational aides or reporting conditions on airfields,” Tim Bannon, Willard Airport’s Executive Director, said.

He knows it’s a key tool to keep pilots informed.

“It is the flow of information between airports, the FAA and pilots,” Bannon added.

He hasn’t seen an outage like Wednesday’s before but is grateful it only had a small effect on Willard. Out of their two morning departures, the one to Chicago left on time, and the 7 a.m. flight to Dallas-Fort Worth was delayed.

Steve Nesbitt lives in the Champaign area and saw the FAA’s tweet about the outage in the morning. So, he got to the Denver airport early to get on a different connecting flight.

He said they took off from Colorado right as the stop was lifted.

But, his colleague wasn’t so lucky. She couldn’t change her plans and is stuck in Chicago.

“They’re gonna miss their connection. They’re gonna have to drive down from O’Hare tonight,” Nesbitt said.

Even with the ground stop being lifted, it really caused a ripple effect of challenges for travelers.

The FAA said they’re working to further determine the causes of Wednesday’s issues.

Throughout Central Illinois, the Bloomington airport saw no delays or cancelations. In Decatur, only one 30-minute flight delay in the morning. Similar in Springfield, minor delays there as well.