SAVOY, Ill. (WCIA) – The Savoy Board of Trustees voted unanimously to encourage the Champaign School District to create neighborhood schools Tuesday night. They held a special meeting to hear from concerned families.

The district is considering proposals that could uproot many elementary students from their current schools, including Carrie Busey in Savoy. Some people suggested detatching from the district, but Village President John Brown said that outcome is unlikely.

“If you detach or a section of the village detaches from Unit 4, not only do you have to find another school district willing to accept you, but you also have to take along a portion of that debt,” Brown said.

Instead, the resolution asks the district to adopt neighborhood schools, keep its current elementary schools of choice assignment process, or implement a variation that would weigh proximity more heavily.

The Champaign School Board is set to make a decision next month.