MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA) — Officials with the Sangamon Valley Public Water District issued a warning asking people to restrict their water usage.

In a news release Thursday, officials stated their facilities had power outages because of a power spike issue from Ameren Illinois.

“All of our wells have surge protection and this particular spike was so large it engaged and compromised those safety mechanisms,” they said.

The power surge caused two of their three wells to experience “catastrophic failures” and they are now only able to pump water from the one well.

“Under normal circumstances, during summer months, we are able to keep up with water use with two wells running simultaneously,” officials continued. “However, we are unable to operate two wells at this time.”

Repairs will not be able to complete repairs before Monday. During an emergency board meeting Wednesday night, members voted to issue the emergency.

According to the ordinance, water is not to be used from the water system to water yards, gardens and other open spaces. It should also not be used for the initial fillings of swimming pools or to wash buildings and motor vehicles.

“If water use is not restricted, high water demand could decrease pressure in the system making it unsafe for fire protection and increase the potential for boil orders,” officials said.