SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — A rare animal is back at the zoo in Springfield.

The Henson Robinson Zoo is welcoming Olive the Eurasian Wolverine to their facility.

Olive the Wolverine Courtesy: Springfield Park District

Olive was born at the Alaska Zoo, and recently transferred over to the Henson Robinson Zoo. Zoo workers say Olive is exploring her new enclosure.

Wolverines are the biggest animal of the Mustelid family (which also includes otters, weasels and badgers) and can grow up to 45 pounds. They are commonly found in the northern parts of Europe, Asia, and North America.

“They truly are remarkable animals,” Doug Hotle, the director of Henson Robinson Zoo, said. “In the wild, they are the apex predator, they fear nothing and will chase off wolves and even bears to steal their meals.”

Wolverines are quite rare in United States zoos, as Hotle said he estimates there are less than 10 zoos in the country with the animal. The zoo had a wolverine many years ago, and many patrons of the zoo requested to bring it back.

“It is by far our most requested animal,” Hotle said. “So we listened and worked hard to bring
these amazing animals back to Springfield as part of our continuing mission to improve and expand the Henson Robinson Zoo.”

Henson Robinson Zoo opens for the season on April 1. More information about the zoo can be found on their website.