SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Students at District 186 brought back a central Illinois holiday tradition.

Lanphier High School students were tasked to continue the Santa House tradition by building a new cottage for Santa. In a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday evening at Robin Roberts Stadium, students presented the new house to Santa himself. He approved of the building.

According to one supervising teacher, building a house for Santa had some challenging aspects.

“This is an unusual build, because we’re building it onto a trailer,” Robert Handy, a Lanphier teacher, said while starting construction. “So not just your typical build, [because] we’re going to build it all on the ground. And then we’re going to lift this bad boy up onto the trailer with a forklift, and then attach it to that.”

According to Handy, all of the students at the end of the class will get a recommendation from O’Shea Builders, which will help them apply to their labor union of their choice. Several class sessions are devoted to introducing students to the labor unions in Springfield.

According to Springfield Park District, the Santa House tradition has been a holiday staple for over 40 years in Springfield.