SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Sangamon County is now in the process of verifying its voter registration.

County Clerks are required to sift through voter rolls every two years, identifying voters that have moved, had a name change or passed away. As part of this process, Voter I.D. cards will be sent to all registered voters in the county.

“This voter verification process ensures the accuracy of our voter rolls and provides voters the opportunity to update their voting address to maintain their eligibility to vote,” said County Clerk Don Gray. “Current and accurate voter rolls leads to smooth and secure elections.”

The Voter I.D. cards should be found in voters’ mailboxes within the next couple of weeks, Gray said. Any that arrive at an incorrect address should be returned by mail. If a card is addressed to a past resident, the Election Office asked that the current resident write “not at this address” on the card and place it back in the mailbox.

If a Voter I.D. is sent to an address but is returned as undeliverable by the Postal Service, an address confirmation letter will be sent. This will allow the recipient to correct their voter registration address.

Redistricting adjustments following the 2020 census will also be accounted for on the Voter I.D. cards. This includes the City of Springfield Wards and sub-districts in Springfield School District #186, Lincoln Land Community College and the Springfield Metropolitan Exposition and Auditorium Authority District.

Gray also reminded voters to double-check the information on their Voter I.D. cards, as many precincts and polling place locations have changed as a result of the re-districting.

Anyone with additional questions or who wants to know the current status of their voter registration can contact the Sangamon County Election Office at (217) 753-8683 or visit the Clerk’s website.