Salvation Army launches their version of Safe Passage


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — Programs like Safe Passage are meant to help people when they are at their lowest. It helps them find treatment options, instead of a jail cell.

The Salvation Army decided to offer its own services to police around the state. This will be similar to a safe passage program, but on a wider scale. For officials in Sangamon County, it was an easy call.

The Sangamon County Sheriff saw those awesome results from our partners in the community, and we knew we had to be a part of the successful program,” Chief Deputy Cherllynn Williams said.

Police often point to places like Taylorville, where safe passage programs have helped lower crime and helped people get back on their feet, but the salvation army believes that its program will be even better.

“We will go wherever they need us to go,” Jim Bracey, Envoy of the Clear Lake Salvation Army, said. “If someone calls us from Quincy, we are going to help them. If somebody calls us from Litchfield, we are going to go help them.”

The salvation army’s volunteer base will allow them to cover much more ground.
And it will allow them to transport people to whatever service they need, no matter where it is in the state.
Envoy jim bracey says springfield could be the starting point for a much larger effort.

“I can see this expanding throughout the Midwest, if not through out the entire country.”

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