CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Inflation is high and with the holidays right around the corner, many people are rethinking their budgets, including charity groups. Champaign County’s Salvation Army has reduced its Red Kettle Campaign goal.

Director Randall Summit says every year they get very close to their goal, but don’t quite make it. This year, they lowered it for a couple of reasons. They know this economy is hurting people. He also says by planning for a lower total. They will have a more realistic idea of what they can afford year-round.

Their largest services are their food pantry, housing programs and veteran assistance. About one-fourth of their Christmas goal comes from the Red Kettle Campaign. Summit says over the years, those donations have been on the decline. They’ve addressed the technological barrier by adding phone-pay to their stands. But what they really need right now is people.

“That’s the number one thing. If we can get volunteers or volunteer groups, that’s the biggest thing. But we are also hiring people. We hire people because there’s a portion of the population out there who qualify for our systems quite frankly. They would qualify for all of our programs, but they want the dignity to provide for their families on their own,” said Summit.

He encourages those looking for seasonal work or volunteer opportunities to reach out. Donations can be made online, in person or through mail.