DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Decatur’s historic Power’s Mansion is now back on the market. The $300,000 auction fell through after buyers didn’t have enough to complete the sale.

They say this home was once a grand sight for the city of Decatur. Now the Power’s mansion has boarded-up windows, and holes in the roof, and is falling apart.

“There’re some really beautiful homes in there that have been beautifully maintained. And then there are others that are kind of getting run down,” said Bret Robertson, History of the Heartland Chairman.

He was hopeful that would change with an upcoming sale. But just as the sale was set to go through it fell through. It even came as a surprise for the prospective owner.

 “I honestly feel like I’m living in a dream. I’m incredibly excited. I understand that. It is quite the project. But we’re up for the task,” said Zachary Drew, ex-buyer.

He says a misunderstanding quickly took things in the opposite direction. He thought they had thirty days to secure a loan, but the money offered was expected to be had at the signing.

Drew is a minister with IGBY Ministries of Decatur had planned on restoring the mansion like his family did with another historic home.

“It was actually my parents that about 15 years ago bought the stately mansion and they restored it to its former glory and now it still serves the community. You know, as the stately museum,” said Drew.

Only his was going to be a television studio and community event center.

“And we have great ideas. You know, I’ve been talking with some of some people and, you know, maybe we can even open up to someone wanted in the community. They want to have a wedding or something like this, you know, so it’s more open,” said Drew.

Now, History of the Heartland is hoping the next buyer is ready.

“Purchases like these can often stimulate other investments in the neighborhood. And that’s a magnificent neighborhood. And we hope that that’s what happens here,” said Robertson.

Drew says he’s disappointed, but he wishes the next buyer well.