Safety during boating season


Shelbyville, Ill. (WCIA) —

“Looking out for yourself, but its also looking out for others to make sure you know if you can step in to help someone that’s what you need to do,” Ashley Florey, a Natural Resource Specialist at Lake Shelbyville, said.

That’s the message from officials as we head into the summer months. This warm weather means more people are headed out to lakes and rivers. While officials want you to have fun, they also want you to be safe. Just yesterday, IDNR was called to a deadly jet ski accident in Central Illinois.

Ashley Florey is a Natural Resource Specialist at Lake Shelbyville. She says while she wants people to come to Lake Shelbyville, she also wants them to return home.

Florey says to always be aware. She said to pay attention to others around you. She also said to never boat or swim alone. Florey also said always have a life jacket if you’re on a boat, kayak, jet ski, or paddle board.

“Make sure you are being very observant of others. Anything can happen on any given day, at any given time, so just be prepared for that. And the best way to do that is make sure you got that life jacket on and you have those available for everyone,” Florey said.

She said if you are riding a jet ski, kayak, or paddle board to wear your life jacket at all times.
She says boats should have enough available for everyone. She also said if you’re new to driving a boat to take a boat safety course available at the lake.

That deadly jet ski accident happened at Clinton Lake yesterday. The Dewitt County Coroner says 53-year-old Armando Borrego from Pontiac died. He was swimming toward the jet ski when he went under. IDNR is investigating.

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