SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — In about a month, 58 states attorney’s sued the state over the SAFE-T Act. Now, they are being consolidated into a single county.

A court document published Thursday shows all parties involved decided to consolidate all the cases into Kankakee County. Kankakee State’s Attorney Jim Rowe was the first state’s attorney to sue the state over the SAFE-T Act. All parties were consulted before the motion was filed.

“Allowing one court to resolve the challenges to the SAFE-T Act will thus not only avoid the risk of conflicting rulings and relief, but also minimize the expenditure of resources by and before multiple courts,” the document reads.

According to the motion, Kankakee County also filed a claim for injunctive relief. If granted, judges could delay the effective date of the law until the legal battle is finished. Judges in Kankakee County will decide if the sheriff’s and state’s attorney’s claims have merit in November. If the court does not intervene, the Pre-Trial Fairness Act will go into effect Jan. 1.