TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — On Saturday morning, people in Douglas County came together for a 5K fundraiser to help a young boy fighting a rare genetic brain disease.

The Foreman family is going through something no parent wants to experience. Their son, Nash, was diagnosed with Vanishing White Matter Disease last year. This diagnosis is one of about 300 known cases in the world.

Family friend Sarah Sumpton came up with an idea for a unique way to support the Foremans.

“I wanted to do more than pray for them,” she said. “I’m a passionate runner, and I thought it would be something I could throw together. And so here we are.”

She helped create the Run for Nash 5K event at Ervin Park in Tuscola. The goal was to raise money for the family. They drive back and forth regularly for treatment in Chicago.

“I hope that it will not only give them financial help to help with their needs as they move forward in this disease, but also to show that they’re completely loved and supported,” Sumpton said.

The run raised $12,000 for Nash through donations and community sponsors. Nash’s mother, Hanna Foreman, is grateful for the support.

“You feel alone, you know,” Hanna Foreman said. “I don’t know anyone else, so it’s hard to find people you know, or you think it is. And then you are surprised by the fact that you are not alone. Like, we are so loved. Everyone that showed up today loves Nash, and that just means so much.”

Vanishing White Matter Disease affects the nervous system and can cause seizures. There is no cure for it right now. One foundation researching the rare disease said treatment is directed at symptoms as they arise.

Here is the link to donate.