Root releases statement regarding recount


MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Republican candidate for sheriff released a statement regarding the recent election recount: 

This date, I asked Tony Brown to stand with me to take those steps to assure a full hand count of all legal ballots to determine the actual winner of our race and for each to accept the results. I was prepared to cover all costs for a hand count. However, Mr. Brown indicated that he will oppose a full hand count. Regrettably, it appears that an adversarial lawsuit is imminent, including all the acrimony, costs and delay that follows. I do plan to file a formal Notice of Contest and civil action to assure that the Macon County Sheriff holds office legitimately and in accordance with the legal votes of the Macon County citizenry.

Personally, I am disappointed in Mr. Brown’s response to my invitation to assure legitimacy. Undeniably, the process has been corrupted by errors of the election authority, not by either candidate. We know that the tabulating machines did not read the same ballots, processed through the same machines on two different occasions, to yield the same results. We know that there is a ballot in the ballot box for Hickory Point 7 that the machine read as blank that sets forth a legal vote for Root. Tony and I both fought hard to secure election. If the roles were reversed, I would not be comfortable hiding behind a one vote flawed technical victory. Rather, I would embrace a full hand count to best assure that I held office legitimately. The law enforcement officers serving under me would deserve that certainty. I really believe that the public deserves to know the true winner without the frustrations of prolonged adversarial litigation.  

Ultimately, with due respect to Tony and to the citizens of Macon County, I cannot walk away from this matter when I know that but for the negligence of the election authorities, I would have been proclaimed the winner on November 20, 2018. Now, lawyers may decide whether and to what extent any recount follows. I do not believe that is what the public wants.

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