BEMENT, Ill. (WCIA) — The wicked winter weather has created challenges for people across Central Illinois, especially for a man in Bement.

Cody Jividen’s house had a small fire in the morning unrelated to the weather, and it was all downhill from there. He went to work at his shop, Abel Automotive, and his day was turned upside down.

“We were out in the shop working, just a normal day we knew rain was coming down,” he said.

He was never expecting rain and wind would rip apart his business.

Jividen said he was working in the garage with a customer around noon when he heard a bang. They looked outside and saw the roof on the ground.

Courtesy: Cody Jividen

That’s not the only problem. The ceiling is also leaking and there’s no power.

“Can’t use lifts, can’t actually run a business,” Jividen said.

He said some wiring and the outside of their building is damaged too.

“When the roof did go off, the center of the garage doors were actually put bowed in about 4 inches,” he added. “You could see daylight underneath.”

But, he’s calling it the “best-case scenario” in a bad situation.

“No cars were on the lifts, everything was intact and pretty much almost done for the day when it hit,” Jividen said.

Now, he’s working with insurance on the next steps, hopeful to start repairs soon. Abel’s Automotive is aiming to open again sometime next week.