Roadside assistance business helps drivers with ‘Gas Cab’


CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — If you see a truck with the label “Mr. QuickPick C-U,” the driver may ask you to play a game.

Mr. QuickPick C-U is a two-man roadside assistance business. The two partners decided to gain some exposure by playing what they call, “Gas Cab.”

The premise is simple. They ask a random question, and wait for your response. If you respond, “Mr. QuickPick C-U,” they will fill your gas tank up for free.

“We just wanted to do it because we know gas prices are rising,” said Ben Soard. “Any way we can make someone’s day with something fun, we’re all for it.”

They said they will be playing this game all throughout the summer. All you have to do is be on the lookout at your local gas station and be prepared to answer if they approach you.

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