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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — WCIA will provide a special Farm Progress Preview show tonight at 6:30 p.m. during the evening news. 

Jessica Kunz and Stu Ellis will anchor the show from Progress City, where the Farm Progress Show begins tomorrow morning. 

And when you visit the show, one of the things on your checklist should be new technology for growing corn.  Stu Ellis explores that issue this morning From the Farm.

University of Illinois crop physiologist Fred Below suggests visitors to the Farm Progress Show check out a couple different new technologies in the future of corn planting—particularly 20 inch rows

Fred BelowWe’re looking at 20, 15 would be another narrow row.  Intercept more light, have less plant to plant competition.

Stu EllisSo maybe farmers when they go to the Farm Progress Show are looking at 20 inch corn planters, then.

Fred BelowI think they’re going to see a lot of 20-inch corn planters.  I think they are going to see a lot of new innovations to allow growers to go to higher density.  When they go to the Farm Progress show I am sure they will see Bayer highlight short stature corn, and this is designed to be able to plant more plants, get ground equipment over it, I mean it will narrow the row spacings.  In research we look down the road to what it has to do to increase yield, and we see some real yield advantages on the horizon.

That short stature corn, what does it really do? What is the benefit of it?

Yeah, what it does, think about it, it is less subject to lodging.  It allows you to get a ground application in.  think about the possibilities with being able to ground apply fungicide or make a later season nutrient corrective application.  And it also allows you to put in more plants, and save energy in growing stalk.  Guess what, if you are not growing more stalk, guess where that energy is going to go?  Into the ear, yeah, so, it’s a no-brainer if you think about it.

That’s our report from the Farm, I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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