Road construction causes concern


TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — Recent roadway construction has community members worried about their safety.

Construction started last week near Tuscola. The Material used on Route 36 is not what some thought it would be.

“We’ve come to expect asphalt on our highway, not oil and chip,” said Geoff Summerville, a community member.

Oil and chip will be covering an existing road. It is considered a cheaper alternative to asphalt.

Some say the loose gravel it produces could be dangerous. A recent crash on Route 36 involving a motorcycle has some wondering if the road construction was a factor in the accident.

“That loose gravel for motorcyclists is pretty dangerous. Especially if it gets in a pile or something and then they’re going pretty fast. I used to ride a motorcycle and it’s not a very pleasant thing,” said Rick Blanchard, a resident of Tuscola.

Summerville took to Facebook to share his opinion about the road material used just hours before the accident, He got dozens of responses questioning the decision.

“I sort of would like to know why they did it. It’s just a waste of money if you ask me.”

The construction is set to finish Thursday. Crews will begin to sweep away any loose gravel leftover.

We reached out to the Illinois Department of Transportation and the City of Tuscola for a comment on the concerns, but have not heard back.

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