Return to school plans


Family prepares for school to start

DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)– Summer is rolling to an end. While some kids are still deciding how they can make the most of the time that’s left, others are looking forward to a new school year. “Happy, because I get to see my friends again,” said Mykael Danneberger, 4th grade student. Jacque Danneberger adopted her five granchildren in November of last year. They all attend St Patrick Catholic School. When COVID-19 forced schools to close their doors, she suddenly had two jobs, grandmother and teacher helping with remote learning. “Five different grades was very difficult,” said Danneberger.

Their school plans to reopen with students in class all five days a week. Parents have to do a COVID home safety scan before sending kids to school, with a mask, a water bottle, and hand sanitizer. The school also has plans for meal times and what to do if they suspect someone has or tests positive for COVID-19. Danneberger says all of that preparation makes her feel better about her grandchildren returning to school. “They’re following all of the guidelines, so I feel pretty comfortable with it,” said Danneberger. Some other precautions they are taking are keeping doors and windows open as much as possible to help with circulation and giving children opportunities to learn outside.

Danneberger says going back to school in the classroom can provide something you can’t get at home. “We have lost out on a lot of socializing with other children. We’ve really kept a small circle within ourselves and a small group of friends,” said Danneberger. She says she feels the staff at St Patrick Catholic School are equipped to protect and teach the students. “I feel very comfortable that our children come first, and they will make sure that they are taken good care of,” said Danneberger.

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