DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Several places across Central Illinois are hiring, but they say they can’t find people who want a job.

Nick Morganthaller knows this better than most. He owns two restaurants in Decatur and says it’s “impossible to find anybody that wants to come to work.”

He says he’s put up ads saying the restaurants are looking to hire more staff, but after one full month, he’s only received one application. He blames this on the government’s financial assistance, saying, “The government has made it too easy… with all the stimulus money, and the extra money on the unemployment, and then extending the unemployment for people that have just been on unemployment. They make more money to stay home than work.”

He says he and his staff have to work 12 to 14 hour shifts every day just to keep the business afloat, and that the long hours “take a toll… to where I’m glad that we’re closed on Mondays cause we finally get a break.”

Leah Stukins has run into similar problems. She also owns a restaurant in Decatur, and said she’s opening a new one across the street from her other place in a few weeks. She’s trying to hire more people to work, but hasn’t had much luck so far. “We’ve placed a few ads on the internet and have not gotten a lot of responses, so we’re going to try a couple other avenues and see what we can do because these are good positions.”

She said as the weather gets warmer, she expects the restaurant to get even busier. She’s hopeful she’ll be able to hire more employees before the summertime.