Restaurant offering welcoming space for veterans, community


VILLA GROVE, Ill. (WCIA) — A business in Villa Grove is serving hot breakfast and warming the hearts of the people who live there.

For the owners of the Korner Beehive, this is about more than good food. It’s about good service.

Mary Kite and Beth Floyd Jenkins say they have formed a friendship that will last a lifetime

“We’ve been through deployments together,” says Mary Hite. “Family crises, death, birth…”

Now, they can add business owners to that list.

“I called Mary and told her we needed somewhere to get good coffee and we should just open up a coffee shop,” says Floyd-Jenkins.

That’s how the Korner Beehive in Village Grove got started. They opened in early July, and there’s a lot on the menu.

“French toast sticks for kids, bagels with cream cheese, fruit and yogurt parfaits,” says Hite.

“Now they actually have somewhere they can go to get their iced coffees or their mocha lattes and they don’t have to drive all the way to Mattoon or Champaign,” says Floyd-Jenkins.

They’re not just serving food, but a sense of belonging too. They’re both veterans with family histories of service, so they know what it’s like to come back where you grew up after spending time away.

“A lot of times when veterans come home or get out you feel a little displaced like you’re not used to civilian life,” says Hite.

“It’s a different structure. It’s a different atmosphere.”

They wanted to provide a place where everyone felt welcome.

“When you’re surrounded by other veterans or items that remind you of your service it can be a comfort to you,” says Hite.

“We wanted pictures of all the local veterans and every time people come in and we know they’re a veteran or we find out they’re a veteran the first thing we tell them is you owe us a picture,” says Floyd-Jenkins.

They say the business is about giving back, doing what they know best, and serving the community. So far, the two report business has been strong. They have had a lot of customers and positive feedback.

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