Restaurant helps lost dog


Pizza restaurant helps owner find dog

CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA)– Kelli Sanders thought her dog, Eva, would be safe at her sister’s house, but things didn’t go as planned. “She had taken her out the next morning to use the restroom and she took off,” said Kelli Sanders. Eva was gone for seven days, her family frantically looking for her.

“Probably bugging everybody in the neighborhood running around yelling Eva!,”said Kelli Sanders, “I was so scared that she would be hurt or I was hoping if anything that someone took her in and took care of her.” Turns out, Eva didn’t go too far. She found a temporary home seven blocks away near Pagliai’s Pizza. “The first few times that I saw her actually running back here I was actually out here cleaning, and she was sprinting back and forth,” said Dan Lozano, Operator of Pagliai’s Pizza. Eva was too quick for Dan Lozana to catch, so he used something he knew she wouldn’t refuse, pizza. “This is where I was leaving a little trail around the corner here with food and dough,” said Lozano.

He left that trail for the next few days. “I said don’t give up on her she’s here and so the dog came and ate all that night,” said Lozano. Lozano eventually found the dog’s owner through Facebook and gave her a call. “Then I got in my car and I started talking to her like I would at home all the goofy words and stuff I say to her, and then well I’ll just go and go away, and then I saw her in my rear view mirror coming out and that’s how I found my baby,” said Sanders. It was a pizza perfect ending. “I was so excited and once she got in my arms and realized it was me she was so excited too,” said Sanders, “It just gave me a new found hope in humanity.”

“I’d do it again tomorrow in a heartbeat,” said Lozano. Eva now has a new love for pepperoni pizza, and Pagliai’s says they now know it’s not just people who love their pizza but dogs too.

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