Champaign, Ill. (WCIA) —

“It’s been kind of hard, like the wheels start spinning on the snow,” Nigel Blanton, Champaign resident, said.

We’re starting to see more pavement on main roads, but secondary roads still have piles of snow. Making it nearly impossible for people to get around.

Plow drivers across Central Illinois have been hard at work since yesterday, but there are some areas they haven’t been able to tackle yet.

I spoke to a man in Champaign who was outside for more than two and a half hours trying to clear snow from his car. Earlier today, Blanton said he still had a bit more to go.

He had been cleaning his car off for hours and still had to try to clear his sidewalk to receive his mail, while he’s grateful the main roads are becoming clearer, he says its difficult for him to even get his car to a main road with how bad the roads are by his house.

“I still have to work tonight, like early in the morning so I was like got to get it now, before it gets too late,” Blanton said.

A lot of residential areas and secondary roads were so covered with snow earlier today, it was hard to tell where the road was, so two teenage girls took matters into their own hands.

“Well to be honest there’s just so much snow everywhere and the snow plows aren’t doing it, so I guess it’s up to us,” Julia Blakely said.

One of the girl’s mom had slid in the snow earlier, so they wanted to do their part to help their neighborhood.

The girls were shoveling their snow covered road to try and help others on their street. The snow had made it difficult for people to even pull out of their driveway.

Snow plow crews were still out today trying to clear all the roads.