CENTER POINT, Ind. (WCIA) — The Illinois Department of Natural Resources detected a mountain lion in the Springfield area last October. The feline was then tranquilized and moved to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Ind.

Now, the feline needs a name.

The rescue center shared on Facebook that they want everyone to be a part of naming mountain lion/ cougar and contributing to his future care. Possible name choices were all chosen from emails, letters, and calls the rescue center received from supporters.

The rescue center is currently calling the feline the “NE 110” or “NE/IL cougar” because he was captured and radio-collared in Nebraska and then tracked to Illinois. However, as the state abbreviations spell “Neil,” it is not one of the name choices in the contest.

The possible name choices include Capone, Omaha, Abe, Springfield, and Little Buddy.

It costs $5 for each vote cast in naming the cougar. Voting is open until March 8.

You can vote for a name here.

Cougar updates

Courtesy: Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Joe Taft, founder and director of the rescue center, said in November that the cougar arrived at the rescue center with ticks and scars on its back. He has since been treated for its ticks. Taft said the scars likely came from when the cougar climbed under a barbed wire fence.

In updates on their website, the rescue center said the cougar is eating very well, and that he heavily favors deer meat over livestock meat. He also loves exploring his enclosure and lounging high up and laying in the sun.

Last month construction started on the new enclosure for the cougar. The enclosure will be well over an acre in size with lots of climbing and hiding structures, and spans over an acre in size. He will not be visible to the public for his safety and comfort.

The overall cost for this enclosure is estimated over $50,000 when completed. Pictures below show one of the climbing structures, part of one incomplete wall, and starting outlines of what will be the den box area.

The money raised from the name voting will go towards the cougar’s continued care.

Courtesy: Exotic Feline Rescue Center