Reporter’s notebook: Timeline of Bradley Jenkins’ convictions


Previous convictions of man charged with 3rd degree domestic assault

NOTE: Bradley Jenkins is charged after his wife fell to her death in June. Police say a recording on Allissa Martin’s phone showed an argument between the two of them before she fell from the seventh floor of a parking garage in St. Louis. He is expected in court on Wednesday.

TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — May 29, 2012 – Woman claims Bradley Jenkins punched her twice in the face at a bar

June 18, 2012 – Woman files an order of protection.

June 22, 2012 – Order of protection denied due to only 1 incident of contact between them.

August 16, 2012 – Formal complaint filed in Christian County, Jenkins is charged with felony aggravated battery.

September 17, 2012 – Felony case dismissed, refiled as misdemeanor. Jenkins pleaded guilty, sentenced to 18 months probation and 60 days in jail.

September 17, 2013 – Order filed to terminate probation early, court grants it. The remaining 6 months of his probation and jail time is waived. Case is closed.

December 24, 2016 – Man claims Bradley Jenkins punched him in the head at the same bar, fracturing his nose and sinus cavity.

January 19, 2017 – Formal complaint filed in Christian County, Jenkins is charged with felony aggravated battery.

March 10, 2017 – Motion filed to appoint special prosecutor. Court documents show the state’s attorney is friends with Jenkins’ uncle. He is also related to another friend of the state’s attorney.

April 11, 2017 – Felony case dismissed, refiled as misdemeanor

May 9, 2017 – Jenkins pleads guilty to misdemeanor battery. Jenkins is sentenced to two years probation.

May 9, 2019 – Probation is over.

June 2, 2019 – Allissa Martin, Jenkins’ wife, falls to her death. Police say a video recorded before she fell showed both of them arguing, her yelling at him to stop punching her in the face.

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