ILLINOIS (WCIA) — “Super Sunday” is a day memories are made.. We asked for your favorite super bowl memories and before the Chiefs and the Bucs kick off, we’d like to share some of those stories.

We spoke with some who agreed the Bears losing to the Colts in 2007 for Super Bowl 41 was a game they’ll never forget. Although it might not be a good memory for some, it is still something Bears fans will never forget.

We spoke to a huge sports fan from Champaign – Charlie Caviness. He told me he loves sports and football is his favorite.

Caviness’ favorite memory is just being with his family. He has watched every super bowl game since 2000 and says he will always root for the bears.

“Of course, I have to start with my Bears. Hester running back that touchdown like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna win this,” and then, Peyton Manning being Peyton Manning – I consider him better than Brady – he’s the GOAT. He settled in and did that,” shares Caviness.

With the Bucs and the Chiefs playing this year, he says he is rooting for the Chiefs, because one of their players is a former Illini.

We also spoke with a huge Cincinnati Bengals fan who says he will never forget the super bowl in 1988. Mostly because they came so close to winning, but lost – and have not came close to winning since.