FISHER, Ill. (WCIA) — People in Fisher will tell you there is a woman who makes the community feel more like family. But when you ask her, she will just keep telling you one thing; that she is blessed to be a part of it.

If you walk through Fisher, it really feels like your average neighborhood, but if you look a little bit closer, you will find a remarkable woman who makes the town feel more like family.

“It’s like, ‘What doesn’t she do?’ We’re just so blessed to have her,” said Angela Van Deven. That is how she describes what it is like to have Cindy Zehr in her life.

“If it was a ‘Blessed Woman of the Year’, hmmm I could handle that, because I have so many blessings in my life. Remarkable just doesn’t come to mind,” said Zehr.

Blessed. It is how Zehr describes what it is like to help people, especially the kids.

“This world is so crazy and so topsy-turvy, and the kids–you know–they’re just not having the right life they should,” said Zehr. “Anything we can do to help make them have fun, get excited, know that they’re loved and cared about, that’s why kids are so important. They are our future.”

She has gotten creative during the pandemic, still keeping neighbors together, even if they cannot physically be together.

“A lot of people are afraid of COVID, and they’ll stay in their homes but that didn’t stop didn’t stop Cindy,” said Van Deven. “She–Oh, my gosh, I just couldn’t believe it–she did birthday parades for so many people out there, including my daughters, and it just meant so much to us and to help bring the community together…Making posters and driving just around the little subdivision there and the kids’ eyes got real big.”

But it does not stop there.

“She doesn’t realize how much we love her and how much she’s there for us,” said Van Deven.

A former kindergarten teacher, Cindy still finds herself in the classroom teaching the teens Sunday school.

“I went to subbing, and I tutor. I love to do that,” said Zehr. “I love to tutor kids, that’s really fun.”

And even though many people in Fisher would say they are blessed to have her, she will always say she is the one who is blessed.

“It is truly an honor and I feel very blessed, but there are so many people here in town that could have had this honor,” she said.

Blessed with kindness and selflessness…Cindy Zehr is a Remarkable Woman.

Cindy and her husband actually started the subdivision where they live in Fisher. Some of the streets are even named after their grandkids.