Referendum on recreational marijuana sales will not appear on ballot

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — City leaders decided not to allow a non-binding referendum for the sale of recreational marijuana.

A petition was filed to put the referendum on the April 6 election ballot. During the hearing, there were several arguments for and against it. In the end, the board ruled the required number of valid signatures were not filed, so it would not be added.

“If we take facially and assume every signature on the petition is valid, there are 928. So they are 1,000, a little over 1,000 signatures light to meet the strict standards of the election code,” said Decatur Attorney Jerrold Stocks.

That does not mean this cannot be addressed in the future. If the mayor or city manager or four of the remaining six council members agree to put it on the agenda, it can be voted on.

Last year, Decatur Township voted in an advisory referendum whether to allow the sale of cannabis and cannabis-infused products to people over 21. About 70 percent of residents of Decatur live in Decatur Township. 5,382 ballots were cast. 62 percent voted yes and 38 percent said no.

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