Ready for Election Day


CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — More than 7,000 people took advantage of early voting ahead of Tuesday’s primary. That’s more than double the turn-out from four years ago. There’s still more work to do before the polls open again.

There were 9 early voting locations around the county. The number goes up to more than 100 for Tuesday’s election. Even the spots that were already set up for early voting needed new equipment.

Election judges picked up their gear at one of the county buildings to take them back and set up. They say they’re excited for the big day. Lana Freidman, who is one of the election judges, told us she likes helping out at the polls because she can give back to her community.

“I think it kind of gives you an idea of how this whole process works and gives me an appreciation of what goes on behind the scenes of going to the polling place,” said Freidman.

Election judges we talked with say they hope Tuesday is busy because that makes time go by faster. They say some of the political drama may also steer voters to the polls.

If you want to skip the Election Day lines, you can still vote at the county clerk’s office at the Brookens Building on Monday until 7 pm. The rest of the polls will open at 6 am on Tuesday morning.

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