Rare car in mint condition


SIDNEY, Ill. (WCIA) — An antique car in this Champaign County town is 40 years old…but it doesn’t look, nor act its age.

That’s because of the care it gets from its owner, Dan Cline.

Cline ordered a Pontiac Trans Am in 1979, but the car he signed up for never came in…until after he took this one.

This car came from a dealership’s showroom floor.

Because of the unique coloring and decals, it turned out becoming a rare and valuable piece.

The blue car came with blue decals. This one was custom-created to have gold decals. That’s the quality that adds to its rarity.

It’s even more so, because of the shape he keeps it in.

“I take care of my things,” said Cline. “Wash them, wax them…when I wash it, I always wash it up under the fenders, where they easily rust out. And I don’t park next to anybody. I park out in the north 40.”

The car has about 96,000 miles on it.

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