SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul has received two high-profile endorsements from gun control groups.

The Gun Violence Prevention PAC (GPAC) as well as Giffords PAC endorsed Raoul at a news conference on Tuesday. for his work on gun legislation. Advocates highlighted Raoul’s co-operation for banning ghost guns in the state, as well as .  

“Attorney General Raoul has made reducing gun violence and the availability of guns a key pillar in his work,” said President and CEO of GPAC Kathleen Sance.

Former congresswoman and gun violence survivor Gabrielle Giffords spoke highly of Illinois’ gun laws that Raoul helped strengthen. 

“Illinois has some of the strongest gun laws in the country, but the gun lobby is trying to overturn them and elect candidates who would weaken them,” Giffords said. “That is why it is critical that we re-elect Attorney General Kwame Raoul.”

Raoul also mentioned he would support a semi-automatic rifle ban, an idea several legislators are co-sponsoring after the Highland Park mass shooting in July. 

“There are assault weapons out there [with] these switches that turn a handgun into a fully automatic gun that’s impossible to control.” Raoul said. “And that’s why more and more you hear about young people, very young infants getting shot and that’s unconscionable.”

Illinois Supreme Court candidates Judge Elizabeth Rochford and Justice Mary Kay O’Brien were also endorsed by GPAC and Giffords. 

“GPAC and Giffords PAC do such important work to prevent gun violence and create safer communities across our state, and I am honored to receive their endorsement,” Rochford said. 

The Planned Parenthood Action Board also endorsed several Illinois Democratic candidates for the November election on Wednesday, including O’Brien and Rochford, Alexi Giannouliaus for Secretary of State, and Tammy Duckworth for U.S. Senate.