URBANA, Ill., (WCIA) — Saturday’s rainfall is canceling events throughout Central Illinois, but Urbana’s Crystal Lake Park Art Fair knew the show must go on.

The rain didn’t scare people away, they were braving the weather no matter what. Two jewelers said it makes them feel good knowing that the community has their backs at any day, at any time and in any weather.

“I’ve found that if people are serious about coming out and supporting, they’re gonna come rain, shine, whatever,” Nisa Blackmon, an artist from Bloomington-Normal, said.

She’s always had a passion for jewelry, and the support is all she can ask for.

“I took a metal smithing course and it was the ‘aha moment,’ yes this is what you should be doing,” she described.

Blackmon was one of 40 artists braving the rain in Urbana on Saturday.

“The road is curved so on the sides, that heavy rain that fell there for a little bit…the water was rushing down to the grate at the end of the road,” Janet Soesbe with the Urbana Park District said.

Deana Curcio, another jeweler, didn’t let the weather rain on her parade either.

“You zig and you zag,” Curcio said. “I changed the way I laid out my booth and I have a really good tent. That’s what I’ve learned over the years.”

The art fair felt like a homecoming for her. She started making jewelry right after graduating from the U of I and sold it on the quad. Over the years, that grew to selling across the nation. But, she’s never forgotten her Central Illinois roots.

Curcio feels Saturday’s turnout shows how resilient the community is.

“You’re always afraid of people not coming out because of the rain,” Curcio said. “When people come and say they’ve come to see me and to see my jewelry, it really feels great.”

Blackmon agrees and said any opportunity to sell in the Champaign-Urbana community is a good one. It’s just another opportunity for her to connect with the people who’ve helped shape her small business.

“They’re getting a little piece of me when they buy,” she said. “That interaction really means a lot to me.”

Soesbe said the number of people coming out was a bit lower and a couple of artists didn’t set up because of the rain. But, she said there was nothing better than still seeing people supporting arts and the 40 North organization.