ST. JOSEPH, Ill. (WCIA) — With the rain, you may notice leaking problems in older buildings and chimneys.

The owners of Millikan Masonry says the best time to get holes fixed is in the spring and summer.

During the winter, water can get in those holes and freeze, which may cause more problems.

They say because brick is porous, it may bring in water from the brick into the building, so be sure to get your house checked for any issues.

“I’d highly recommend is having everything tuck-pointed and have everything filled in and nice and sealed up,” said Ryan Millikan, the owner of Millikan Masonry. “If you have everything nice and sealed up and waterproofed real nice, it will help dramatically with problems in the future.”

They also say if you get water in your chimney or walls because of broke brick or loose mortar, that can cause drywall issues and even mold.