Rain continues to cause issues for people across Central Illinois


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – “It’s not just this corner, it’s not just this intersection, it’s not just in one centralized area. It’s all over the neighborhood,” Chad Smith, Garden Hills Neighborhood President, said.

He’s talking about rain flooding the streets. An unwelcome sight after an already wet week.

Several towns in Central Illinois experienced flooding during the weekend storms. Now, one neighborhood in Champaign is concerned for neighbors’ safety.

Seeing things like puddles on the street isn’t new for the Garden Hills neighborhood. Almost every time it rains, they see water.

He said a lot of people in this neighborhood walk to work, or to public transportation. When the rain water pools in spots on the road, they have to make a choice, walk through the water, in the muddy grass, or down the middle of the road. Either way, he said it’s dangerous.

“You have an old man walking down the street with a walker, and he was avoiding the puddles. There’s no side walks for it. Now, if he’s relying on public transportation and someone doesn’t see him, and is distracted, what’s going to happen?”

He said part of the reason the water doesn’t move is because there aren’t enough drains, and the way the roads are shaped doesn’t let the water run off toward the few drains they have.

Smith said not all of the water is from just today. He said most of it still hasn’t drained or receded since the weekend.

The City of Champaign is working to help fix some of the issues in Garden Hills. Like adding more street lighting, and fixing some of the drainage issues.

Smith said he’s appreciative of that, but believes more can be done to help than what is planned.

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