KNOX COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas Weist was killed on April 29 after attempting to set up spike strips along US Route 150 in Henry County.

WMBD obtained the police radio calls before Weist was killed.

“Apparently [the suspect] threw a liquor bottle out the top of the sunroof from his Taurus. Also, they believe a weapon was involved and that somebody threw a weapon out the top of the sunroof,” said an officer on the radio.

Around eight in the morning on April 29, Daylon Richardson from Granite City fled from officers after Circle K employees in Galesburg called the police, advising them he had a gun. Shortly after, it turned into a high-speed chase.

An officer on the radio stated, “The last information [we have] is that he was [driving at] 100 miles an hour, headed north on US Route 150, shots fired at the police, shots have been fired.”

Both Henry and Knox County sheriff’s officers were called to the scene, with eyes on Richardson’s vehicle.

“Green ford Taurus, a green ford Taurus, no plates, mixed-race driver with a gun, has been shooting at the deputies.”

Weist being one of the officers to respond to the call tried setting spike strips along U.S. Route 150 and 150 avenue in Henry County to stop Richardson, but the incident soon took a turn for the worse.

“We’ve got an officer down, we’ve got an officer down.”

“They’re advising subject is in custody, officer down, life flight is en route.”

“Deputy was not shot, he was struck by the vehicle.”

Weist was pronounced dead after life-saving measures were taken.

Richardson now faces two counts of murder, unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon, and aggravated fleeing and eluding.

Since Weist’s death, Knox County has created a memorial in his honor, the town of Alpha turned the town blue with ribbons, and the entrance of Galesburg High School was flooded with American flags.