Pup saves owner’s life


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A Danville man says he’s grateful to be alive after his dog saved his life and this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

“She is my super puppy and I want people to know what she did for me,” said Francis Dearth, the owner. “She’s just a good dog.”

Sue is a dog hero.

Six weeks ago, her owner, Francis Dearth, collapsed in the bathroom.

He has a LifeAlert button because he has a bad heart, congestive heart failure, asthma, and cancer but the button was on his bed when he needed it the most.

“Jumped up and down on the bed with it until she triggered it,” said Dearth. “Smart puppy.”

An emergency responder answered the call when Sue triggered the button. Sue was barking, but 9-1-1 couldn’t hear anyone talking.

“When she answered instead of me, they knew something was wrong,” said Dearth. “And so they dispatched the paramedics from Carle. And next thing you know, I felt his hand on my shoulder, looked up, and there they were. Bless her little heart. She’s just such a good dog.”

This isn’t the first time Sue saved Dearth’s life.

Last year, Sue woke Dearth up when he was having a heart attack in his sleep.

He’s proven over and over again, she really is this man’s best friend.

“She knows that there’s something wrong,” said Dearth. “I don’t know how dogs know it but she just senses that there’s something wrong with me. And she’s right beside me.”

Dearth got his left leg amputated after the collapse because doctors found gangrene.

Without his dog, Dearth say she doesn’t know how he would have survived.

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