Pumpkin crop “mixed bag” across the state


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Farmers are just starting to harvest their pumpkin crops, but it’s far from a bumper crop this year.

Unlike other farmers who were hoping for rain early in the season, those who plant pumpkins need it to stay on the drier side. The co-owner of Curtis Orchard said they had a window of opportunity to get seeds in the ground in early June, and said they have a decent crop. But that’s not the case everywhere else in Illinois.

“The northern half of the state had a lot more rain than the southern part, so planting was a lot more difficult up in the northern half of the state,” said Randy Graham, Curtis Orchard Co-Owner. “So I think the crop is quite light up in the northern half, pretty good in our part of the state, and other portions to the south had heavy rains as well. So it’s a mixed bag across the state.”

Graham said harvesting should pick up in the next week or so. He also said consumers should start seeing pumpkins in markets late this month.

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