Prussing runs for fourth term

Prussing announcement

URBANA — Laurel Prussing has been mayor of Urbana for nearly 12 years, and Wednesday, she announced she wants to make that 16.

Prussing announced she’s running for re-election, but she’s had a few setbacks.

She missed the past few city council meetings because she’s had shingles.

But now that she’s better, she’s back to running a re-election campaign.

She said one of her main platform points will be strengthening police-community relations in the city, an effort she has been working on since the beginning of her first term.

She said a civilian review board has helped establish a middle ground between people in Urbana and the police department, and now Champaign is looking to do something similar.

“So, now Champaign is talking about it, but we did it back in 2006. I started it in 2005, and we studied it for a year, and we implemented it. And we don’t have a lot of complaints at all,” said Prussing.

Urbana also recently hired a new statistician to gather data on traffic stops in the city, an example of police-community relations some people have been concerned about.

Prussing said the job hasn’t come without headaches, one of her biggest ones being Windsor Road.

She addressed the road briefly, promising she’s doing everything in her power to make sure it opens back up as soon as possible.

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