Protestors respond to car driving through crowd


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– People are writing a message they say deserves to be heard, Black Lives Matter. They’re responding to the owner of the Rogue Barber Co. in Champaign, who announced a ‘Members Only’ Policy. In a Facebook comment, the company said it bans anyone who says they are a member of what he considers “violent extremist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter.” The policy drew protesters on Saturday, including campus minister Nate Brantingham. During the protest, he says he saw a man leave the barber shop, and get into his truck.

“Was not accosted by any way by the protestors, went straignt into his truck, backed out of the parking space that’s there behind me. There were protestors there directing traffic that were asking him to turn around and head out that way since the majority of the protestors were over here for the protest,” said Rev Nate Brantingham, Campus Minister at Community UCC Church.

He drove right through the protesters. Police say no one was hurt. A spokesman with the department said they didn’t have enough information Saturday to pursue the driver. A man on the scene said he filed a police report Sunday. “We’re asking why haven’t charges been proactively filed? Why isn’t this a federal case? And why isn’t this person identified yet when the police already saw the video,” said Allan Axelrod. Protestors say they want more to be done sooner. “I think what it does is it sends a message intentional or not to protestors that their safety is not a concern to the police and that it’s a welcome message to other protestors who might want to perpetuate harm to other protestors that they can do so without punity,” said Rev Nate Brantingham. Police say they are looking into the incident and getting information from people there. Police say right now they are still early in the process of figuring out everything that happened, and the information they get will help determine the next steps.

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