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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A woman is working to promote positive messages about her community on social media.

Becca Smith started the page “Vermilion County and Surrounding Events” in June, after moving to Central Illinois from Ireland in 2018.

From food drives, to festivals, to concerned citizens events fighting against gun violence, Smith said she wants to show all the good that is happening in her new home.

“I kept noticing comments of people missing events,” Smith explained. “And then, with the shootings, to know that so many bad things were being shown, I thought maybe if I get good things out there.”

Smith said her family moved across the Atlantic to Illinois after her paternal grandmother in Chicago became sick. Sadly, her family did not arrive in the state until after her grandmother had already died. Smith said she thinks her grandmother would be proud of her work.

“Her biggest thing was just do it,” Smith explained. “She’d say don’t think, just do it. And I’m like, yeah, this would be her scene.”

Smith’s father, a Chicago-area native, said he’s proud of the work his daughter is doing in the community.

“She’s getting integrated into the area better, starting to know people and that was really important,” John Smith said. “There’s so much positive in Danville. It seems like the news lately just focuses on the negative, but the good outweighs the negative so much around here.”

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