Professors create skimmer app


Professors develop app to detect bluetooth skimmers

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– A U of I professor is using his research to help law enforcement track criminals. A new app is able to find skimmer devices on gas pumps. They’re using the technology to keep you from losing money when you fill up your tank. The professor who worked on it said it’s more accurate than others, so far it’s been used to find over 40 skimmers in Arizona and California. They haven’t found any in Illinois yet.

A U of I professor and another University of California San Diego professor worked on the app. It took about a year to get it up and running. It’s called Bluetana, and it will find bluetooth skimmers at gas pumps. The professor who worked on the device says it’s a project he’s proud to share. The app is not public right now. One of the professors who created the app said to use it you do need training. For now it’s available to inspectors and law enforcement agencies who have authority to remove the skimmers.

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